“I Remember Fondly Christmas’ Past” copyright 2005 by John J. Rigo, selection from “Rainbows Amidst Thorns”

It seems a little early for a Christmas Story and Poem and yet with the stores filled with Christmas, it seems right.

Texas Poetry

(The little boy’s story in the poem is true and a time from my own past.) This Christmas Season of 2014, I was thinking of my Father. This poem mentions him several times. I remember how dirty he was when he came home from work when I was a little boy. My Father was an iron and steel worker.  After he came home and took a bath, my Mother would then attempt to clean the ring out of the bathtub from his bath.  Many times with close to a half hour of scrubbing, she still could not get it out.  In those days, my Father made about a hundred dollars a week.  He worked very hard for that money.


I remember fondly Christmas’ past
our first tree alive with lights
before it caught fire later that week.
I remember fondly the Christmas with toys.
Never before had my…

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“A Great Accomplishment For Our Winery and Vineyard” copyright 2014, John J. Rigo, Texas’ Commentator, Poet and Co-Owner of Stewart-Rigo Winery

A Great Accomplishent and Banner Day for our Future Winery and Vineyard in East Texas.

Texas Poetry


I am proud to announce that as of yesterday, that my bride of twenty-five years, Linda Stewart-Rigoreceived her Certificate of Completion from UC of Davis out of California for 185 hours of work toward “Winemaking.” The course consisted of five parts and took two years to complete on-line.  It qualifies my wife to be a manager and winemaker for “any” vineyard in the world with these credentials.

With the recent news that Napa valley in the future will now greatly restrict the approval any new vineyards and wineries, East Texas is now considered the next greatest explosion of vineyards and wineries in the world.  This is due to great growing conditions, availability of the Wilcox Aquifer and the reasonable acquisition of such lands in this part of Texas: http://stewart-rigowinery.com

Visit us soon in East Texas, 45 minutes from downtown Dallas, to see the fulfillment of our dream in Henderson…

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