The Stewart-Rigo Winery has in place advanced monitored security systems.  The company that handles the install and maintenance systems are known for their systems in banking institutions across the United States.  All security on the property is cellular based and monitored 24 hours, 7 days a week.  In addition Video cameras monitor constantly. 

Upon dispatch of a break-in alarm to the Henderson County Sheriff’s department and or the Eustace Police Department, the access code to the front gate is given to law enforcement.  We are also proud that the Eustace Police Department has also agreeded to respond to all alarms with equal access to the gate security code.  The Eustace Police Department has committed to regular patrols of our property. With the huge areas of land surrounding both the home and barn, anyone escaping from the scene would be a ready target for sharp-shooters with either or both the Sheriff’s department and the Eustace Police Department

Be forwarned in committing a felony on private property in Texas, one is known as being “paid for.”  It is called “The Castle Law,” in other words, if you are killed, no charges will be brought against the shooters. 


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