“Today We Lost Our Beloved Pets” copyright 2012, Updated December 27th, 2014 with Video Link, upcoming poetry book, “Passion Amidst Apathy”

Next to the death of a family member, as terrible to one’s heart is the lost of long-time pets.

Texas Poetry



Our Beloved "Mickey" the oldest of our two pets. Our Beloved “Mickey” the oldest of our two pets.

This poem was orginally posted on January 1st, 2012.
This coming January 5th, 2015, it will be three years since we lost our pets on that terrible day. Even though we have since been blessed by four new birds given to us, nothing will ever replace Mickey and Minnie.
Update on January 5th, 2012:  This past Wednesday night at 10 p.m., Channel Eight News at WFAA.com did a news piece on this story by reporter, Jobin Panicker.  It seems that this Frigidaire Gallery Electric stove is a “Killer” with the “self-clean” option engaged.  It is our belief that this option when engaged may have been the killer of many babies, older senior and pets over the years.  We believe the manufacturer of these products with the Telfon coatings have kept a low profile on these unreported deaths due to this…

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“Our New Name Sign Is Here!” copyright 2014, John J. Rigo co-owner of “Stewart-Rigo Winery”

Our New Sign for "Stewart-Rigo Winery" formerly "Silver Star Winery of Texas" copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

Our New Sign for “Stewart-Rigo Winery” copyright 2014 John J. Rigo

"Hugs" copyright 2009 John J. Rigo (Revised) upcoming book "Passion Amidst Apathy"

If you consider yourself the “non-hugger type” this Christmas Season of 2014, consider changing your attitude. You will be happier and glad you did.

Texas Poetry

There is something wonderous about a hug.
It is a way of saying,”you are special to me.”
A step beyond the boundries of formal convention.
The assurance of a heart touching a heart.
A touch of comfort to calm a grieving heart.  
A cheek touching a cheek
with a kiss of greeting.
Whether a man to man
or woman to woman
or man to woman
or woman to man
there are no limits to showing
our love for another.
We are all souls in His creation
with an eternal bond between us all.
The hug is the sign of our sisterhood and brotherhood.
Let it not become forgotten in your life
it is precious honey to the wounds of this life
forever giving
forever loving
in the wonder of love
to us all.

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"My Beautiful Church Home" copyright 2009 John J. Rigo, upcoming book, "Passion Amidst Apathy"

It is Christmas 2014 and thousands will crowd local churches. Many who claim to believe in Jesus Christ, this is their once a year attendance of a church. Belief in the Love and Mission of Jesus should be a yearly worship and appreciation of His many blessings in our own lives. There is “No Church” that equals the Beauty of God’s Church.

Texas Poetry

Picture taken with Samsung smart phone on December 10th, 2014 at 706 at Northwood Shores on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas.  Copyright 2014 by John J. Rigo Picture taken with Samsung smart phone on December 10th, 2014 at 706 at Northwood Shores on Cedar Creek Lake in East Texas. Copyright 2014 by John J. Rigo

View from “Oz” at 7 a.m. on February 25th 2012 on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas

View from “Oz” on Cedar Creek Lake, Texas, February 25th 2012 at 7 a.m.


“Another View of God’s Church”

I have been to many churches in my lifetime.
None can compare to the beauty of my church.
My church lies outside my back door.
Before me lies miles of beautiful water
its beauty more clarifying upon a Sunrise morning.
The clouds above this church of God’s home
are higher than any church steeple.
There is no wall or ceiling painting to equal
the clouds above my church.
No gilded statue that equals the sun’s glory
as it breaks forth upon the horizon.

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"One Night" copyright 2005 John J. Rigo "Rainbows Amidst Storms"

Sharing This Christmas season with my friends and neighbors in Henderson County, Texas.

Texas Poetry

Courtesy of sion.hr

Steely the night shown against iced blackness
with a white diamond star blazing in the heavens.
Hints of soft voices whispered in the wind.
The weary shepherds pushed forward on their staffs
looking forward to the comfort of their tents.
Beyond the hills the sky glowed.
A choir of voices was heard with a sweet clarity
the sound of bells vibrated among the sound of horns.
The animals spooked deaf to the commands of their masters.
The wind increased in its volume and strength.
The shepherds were filled with fear.
Light overshadowed the darkness
during the midst of night.
Within the light formed
the most beautiful soft
white and gold of human-like forms
shining against the sky.
The shepherd’s breath stopped in their throats.
Filled with excitement and happiness beyond their capacity to describe
their skin prickled.
Heavenly voices brought…

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